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June’s trip to UCSF for examinations by the lung transplant team has produced results which indicate progress in Doug’s rehabilitation program.  There were minor changes made to the immunosuppressant schedule and cataract surgery (a consequence of the steroid treatments), but on the whole a positive result.

The upshot is a partial return to normality: future examinations will be bi-monthly, and some travel restrictions have been relaxed.  Doug is hopeful that he will soon be able to find work opportunities, even if only from home.

Doug is stronger and hopes to return to a gentle work-out program at his gym later in the month.  That said, he is a long way from relative normality – mostly because of the myriad exotic medications he takes every day.  Two of those have co-payments amounting to $1,500 a month.  The toll on family finances has been extreme; we do not have a retirement income flow and are in danger of default without contributions from our kindly, generous supporters.

Please help today, and share this website with others who would like to see Doug return to full health.

Finally, our sincere thanks to the cadre of faithful donors who have always been there for us when we need it most.  You have kept us afloat through difficult times…