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Winter weather proved to be difficult for Doug, but Chico’s torrent of new blossoms with accompanying temperate weather has boosted everyone’s morale – and the upcoming eighteen-month lung transplant anniversary reminds how much we have to be thankful for.

We are all aware how delicate the health of most Vietnam veterans is these fifty years after the war, and we are losing more comrades as time passes. Doug and his fellow Special Agent Vietnam veterans are still waiting and hoping for a successful conclusion to the petition submitted to the Defense Department which would recognize their service as active duty and hence grant them veteran status and Veteran’s Administration support.At present, Doug receives no government support for his disability.

Medical expenses (and inability to work) continue to be an enormous burden for Doug and indeed would have bankrupted him were it not for the kindly, generous supporters whose contributions have so far saved the day. Doug need help to survive and return to work. Please consider a generous contribution today.