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Doug has successfully received two donor lungs after a marathon 12-hour operation at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco and is now beginning the long process of recovery and rehabilitation. There is considerable trauma associated with an incision which stretches fully across his chest and he describes his condition as “battered but happy to be alive”. 

Doctors are pleased with his progress; he was released from hospital after 15 days and is now receiving further daily examinations and treatment under the watchful eye of the hospital transplant team.  A small sublet nearby flat in Cole Valley will be home until after New Years.  Doctors are carefully monitoring for signs of organ rejection or infection and a vast medication regime has been prescribed – including heavy dosages of steroids which make handwriting impossible.

This is the start of a long road to recovery.  Doug needs your help now more than ever.  The UCSF transplant doctors have unexpectedly extended his stay in San Francisco into January, an unexpected and costly expense. Moreover, modifications have been ordered for the Chico residence before Doug returns home.

For those who have already contributed to the medical fighting fund, thank you again and please consider a further supporting donation – and please share with your friends and colleagues accompanied by a short personal note.  For those who have not yet donated, please extend a helping hand today for this man who sacrificed so much for our nation.