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May marks the six month anniversary of Doug’s bilateral lung transplant at UC San Francisco, a significant milestone on the road to recovery. Over a two-day period, transplant team doctors examined test data from a CT scan and bronchoscopy in addition to other laboratory analytical data. No evidence of donor tissue rejection and the consensus was that Doug is progressing well on the path to rehabilitation.

With that good news, it has been possible to make adjustments to the vast medicine regime which keeps infection and tissue rejection at bay. Significantly, steroid dosages have been reduced and this change can be expected to help Doug feel better.

The rehabilitation program with its travel and work restrictions can be expected to last as much as another year. Expenses associated with procurement of exotic immunosuppressant drugs, medically-related travel and other expenses continue to tax family finances in an extreme way and there is a real risk of insolvency and inability to continue treatments without outside help from generous donors. Please help today!