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August marked another important milestone in Doug’s battle to return his life as much as possible to normality almost two years after undergoing a double-lung transplant when he traveled to supervise a mineral resource survey in remote Papua New Guinea. Pictured above is Doug and helpers resting near a highlands river in Papua New Guinea. The mission did not involve remuneration, but because it was successful there is real hope that it will evolve into an income stream in future. It has been nearly twenty years since Doug worked in Papua New Guinea. His former local colleagues greeted him and assured his safety and well-being at every stage. He has returned to Chico without a hint of illness or ill effects, since confirmed by an extensive battery of tests for the transplant team at UCSF.

The Pentagon board which will consider the joint petition by surviving civilian NCIS Vietnam Special Agents has not yet convened to consider their status as military veterans, but the sixty or so still extant hope that this will occur once the summer doldrums have passed in Washington DC. Doug is hopeful that in due course the Veterans Administration will look favorably on his assertion that three years of exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam precipitated the terminal lung disease which ultimately resulted in a full transplant.

Meantime, Doug’s ongoing medical requirements and attended expenses continue unabated and are source of constant concern. Without the support of a cadre of dedicated supporters he could not have progressed to this present milestone. Thank you all, and please consider a generous donation to Doug’s medical fighting fund today.