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As Christmas approaches, I am reminded of the recent sage advice proffered by my second
Vietnam Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Tom Brooks: “We have much to be thankful for”.
As I reflect on the past thirteen months and recall Christmas last year — just released from
UCSF Hospital and reeling from post-operative trauma — Tom’s message rings true. I am most
grateful. As difficult as the last year has been, I consider myself truly blessed – and grateful for
the selfless folks who have assisted with contributions to my medical fighting fund. Quite
literally, we could not have survived without you.

To help those with an interest in the activities of the NCIS special agents who volunteered for
Vietnam service and worked in the forward war zones with Marines and Sailors, I have
downloaded here a deck of five photographs taken in the field, 1969. These also underscore
the circumstances of my exposure to toxic Agent Orange during 36 months of war-time service
in Vietnam. I hope you will enjoy this small glimpse back in history.

I’m not out of the woods as yet, still unable to work and medical expenses continue at a
frightening pace. We are struggling. The petition for veteran status has been endorsed by the
Secretary of the Navy but has not yet been reviewed by the responsible Pentagon board, so no
US Government assistance is available to any of the NCIS Vietnam agent veterans.
Please consider a holiday donation now. I would be most grateful…