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Doug was admitted to Enloe Hospital in Chico this week after developing a digestive tract infection. Doctors advise this was a consequence of his severely compromised immune system, making him prone to bacterial attack. Doug is anxious to learn the cause of this incident to prevent future occurrences.

Patterdale Terrier Chainsaw was glad to see Doug when he returned home from this recent hospital trip

Some comfort comes from the attending physician who opines that, with time careful management (and hopefully reduction of immunosuppressant dosages as his body learns to accommodate donor lungs), that susceptibility to infection will decline. In the mean time, vigilance, rest and antibiotics are the plan for the immediate future. These can be managed from home.

We are glad to have him returning home after this latest incident. Doug was very ill and we owe a debt of gratitude to the medical professionals who saw him through yet another trial.

May we ask each of you to consider a donation to to help our family through these troubling times as we are, frankly, struggling to make ends meet without assistance. There is no fresh news about the formal petition to award civilian NCIS Vietnam veterans with VA benefits and no immediate work prospects for Doug, though he very much hopes that will change soon. He’s ready to work and hopes his body can and will cooperate!

Our best wishes and thanks to the many kindly donors who have helped since the double-lung transplant.